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Director: Owner Relationships



The Director, Owner Relationships will be accountable to the Board of the PLC via the Chairman. Working closely with the management team and other Directors particularly the Chief Mechanical Engineer and Head of Commercial Services, the individual concerned will take particular Board level leadership and responsibility for ensuring that the Company develops and sustains effective relationships with external owners of locomotives and rolling stock. He/she will be the Board level contact with existing and new owners and is expected to have a clear understanding of the preservation and heritage picture nationally in relation to future WSR PLC requirements.

This is a voluntary role undertaken initially in a hybrid management role and then subsequently in a non-executive capacity within the new corporate structure being designed and implemented across the PLC and is in addition to the corporate board responsibilities of a PLC Director.

  1. To be the lead contact at Board level with all external owners of locomotives and routing stock currently working on the WSR.
  2. To proactively develop effective relationships with prominent owners of locomotives and rolling stock nationally in relation to potential use on the WSR [short or long-term].
  3. To assess the implications for the WSR and to advise the Board and the management team on commercial and strategic developments in preservation and heritage rolling stock nationally to enable the PLC to build these into its immediate business and longer-term planning assumptions.
  4. To work with the Chief Mechanical Engineer in relation to the planning and implementation of long-term engineering and restoration programme and the requirements for external locomotive and rolling stock capacity on the WSR [WSR rolling stock strategy].
  5. To provide the Board and management team with a commercial and strategic understanding of the implications of current and future changes in engineering capacity and activity across the heritage and preservation sector in terms of owner use of WSR facilities.
  6. To work with the management team to assess and identify the future infrastructure requirements associated with likely external rolling stock needs particularly in the context of priority projects emerging from the corporate plan implementation process.
  7. To work with the management team to oversee the development of an effective external owner plan, which combines the business, needs of the PLC with the aspirations and requirements of individual owners over the long term?

As a member of the Board, the individual appointed will be expected to fulfil the statutory duties of a PLC Director which include:

  1. To ensure that WSR PLC complies with its governing document, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  2. To ensure that WSR PLC pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.
  3. To ensure WSR PLC uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects: the company must not spend money on activities which are not included in its own objects or corporate plan, no matter how worthwhile those activities are.
  4. To contribute actively to the Board's role in giving firm strategic direction to WSR PLC, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  5. To safeguard the good name and values of WSR PLC.
  6. To ensure the effective and efficient administration of WSR PLC.
  7. To ensure the financial stability of WSR PLC.
  8. To protect and manage the property of the company and to ensure the proper investment of the company's funds.
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