West Somerset Railway

Funeral Services

We as a company try to do our best to accommodate all wishes expressed by the deceased and their family, however due to health and safety there may be a few restrictions to what we can do. Please see the options for the services which we provide below.

The General Manager will first require a formal request either written by the family or the undertaker outlining the proposed plans for the day including times if possible.

The services which we offer and prices are outlined below:

You may either hire a train charter for your sole use, in which the ashes of the deceased will be placed into the firebox at some point along the line. The family can request where and as long as it is a suitable area, this will be discussed with them at the time of booking. POA

If you wish for us to put a specific engine in steam and release the ashes at Minehead station only, please speak to our team - POA. 

We can also place ashes in the firebox of one of our service trains - at a point on the line where it is safe to do so the train crew will release the ashes of the deceased into the firebox. The price for this will include 4 tickets for people to travel in the carriage behind the locomotive. The Price for this is £350.00.

We do allow you to scatter ashes at some of our stations providing that the station master agrees. This will have to be at a designated site on the station which will be accessible by you throughout the year. Due to safety restrictions a member of staff will have to accompany you. The cost for this service is £175.00.

In each of the above circumstances we will ensure that you are accompanied by a member of staff and will inform you of who that will be before the event. We will ensure that you are met on arrival at a designated point and you are accompanied where possible throughout the whole of your day. If you have any other requests please do not hesitate to ask as we may be able to accommodate your needs.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or 01643 704996.