Readers Halt is 20 Years Old

On 8th March 1998, The Friends of Minehead Station opened their second hand book and magazine emporium on the Railway Station.

And so it was that precisely 20years later, some 30 people gathered outside the facility that has been enlarged twice in the intervening period to celebrate all that has happened during that time and all that has been achieved at the station with the quite incredible amount of money raised.

“Without the volunteers who open the “Halt” every day trains run, the people who generously let us have their pre-read books and magazines and other railway memorabilia and those who come and purchase what we have been given, none of this would have been possible.” said Martyn Snell, Chairman of the Friends of Minehead Station.

Over the years, the money raised has replaced fencing, restored the chimneys on the station, renovated the two canopies, resurfaced the very long platform and kept the station looking smart and welcoming for anyone who finishes or starts their journey on the West Somerset Railway at the station or just wanders onto the platform to take in the atmosphere of a bygone era in transport history.

With a new season beginning, the fund raising continues and the Friends still hope people will donate items that can be recycled and sold to finance their continuing work. With the Railway’s Spring Steam gala just round the corner, stock will soon be reduced and will need replenishing.

12th March, 2018
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