Vintage Diesels to the Seaside featuring the Deltic with famous Thistle headboard

In 2017 the WSR was very pleased to have hosted the most famous steam locomotive of them all – No. 60103 “Flying Scotsman” for two visits, the second of which involved the engine working trains over the full length of the Minehead branch. There is however quite often some confusion over the engine “Flying Scotsman” and the train of the same name which ran daily between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh (and the opposite direction), but was not of course always hauled by the famous A3, in fact it was more often hauled by one of Gresley’s famous A4 Pacifics until dieselisation in the 1960’s when the powerful Deltic diesels took over working this famous train. The name “Flying Scotsman” continued on, and indeed still runs today worked by a modern electric train.


The WSR is pleased that as part of its big “Vintage Diesels to the seaside” gala between 8th and 10th June we will welcome one of the 22 famous Deltic diesels, with its twin Napier engines and distinctive rumble and roar, in the form of No. 55019 “Royal Highland Fusilier” courtesy of its preservation owners the Deltic Preservation Society. As a link back to visit of “Flying Scotsman” it is planned for the locomotive to run some trips along the line with the famous Thistle headboard in place that graced the train on the East Coast Mainline in the 1960’s.


With our gala line up including the ‘Deltic’, a class 50 ‘Hoover’, a ‘Western’ diesel hydraulic and a ‘Peak’ we have quite a line up of well known diesel types together with a supporting cast of Hymek, class 33’s and class 20’s – got to be worth a visit. Tickets are on sale via the WSR Plc official website with discounts available for advance bookings and a special fare for and extra trip on our preview day on Thursday 7th June.

28th May, 2018
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