West Somerset Railway Funding Appeal Update

The WSR plc’s main Coronavirus emergency appeal now stands at £50,983, comprising: £26,715 via website donations, £1,868 in cheque donations, share purchases of £6,400 and station group donations of £16,000).


There is an additional £14,395 from the WSRA/WSSRT for Rail Renewal 2020, comprising offline donations of £12,241 and online Just giving of £2,154.


This brings the grand total to £65,375 which is an even better figure than the last of course and an increase of £10K in just a couple of days, so 13% of the estimated £500K that’s likely to be needed!


The WSR plc, WSR Association and West Somerset Steam Railway Trust will also be writing jointly to all stakeholders, shareholders and supporters very shortly about the WSR emergency funding appeal too, and which will include some of the provisional trading figures to the end of the WSR plc’s financial year at the end of March.


These trading figures will show a considerable and significant uplift in the WSR plc’s fortunes which has been transformed from near bankruptcy in 2018 to profitability again in 2020 during an 18 month period under the Chairmanship of Jonathan Jones-Pratt and a new Board of directors.

22nd April, 2020
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