WSR PLC Board changes

It is with great sadness that the WSR PLC Board have to announce today the resignation of Ben Grellier as a Director of the Company. Ben joined the Board in early 2017 and held the Volunteer Development portfolio, whilst continuing to offer his services to the Operating Department, during trips ‘home’ to visit his family. He will be sorely missed from the Board, although the Directors are pleased that he will continue as an active volunteer on the frontline. Additionally, Ben will assist the Board in the completion of several projects to enhance our ability to recruit and look after our volunteers, for which we are ever so grateful. Ben has additionally written his own statement, which we’ve included below:

“I’ve had a really enjoyable time whilst serving on the PLC Board and it is with regret that I have to make the decision to resign. Unfortunately working long and unsociable hours at my full-time employment in London means that I can no longer give the time or effort to my Director’s role that it deserves. I do not want anyone to think that I’m leaving the Board because of a difference of opinion or any other matter, this is purely based on changes to my personal circumstances.

I have always been proud of each and every one of you on the WSR, we’re a truly phenomenal group of people who can achieve great things. The success of Flying Scotsman’s visits this year has primarily been achieved through the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, when we work as team, we really are amazing at what we do! And that’s my take-away message, we need to continue to work and operate as a team; It’s no surprise, like any other organisation, the WSR does face difficulties in operating its business, but we must not use these times as an excuse to divide us, we must work together for the good of the railway, and the good of the people who volunteer their time to operate it.

I am truly humbled and thankful for the support that you’ve all given me whilst I’ve been on the Board. I will not be leaving the railway, I hope to continue my work with the Operating Department as both a Guard and Shunter, and with the Board’s agreement, will finish off some packages of work that I started whilst working as a Director, including developing a new way to recruit new volunteers, to ensure that our railway survives for many years to come.”

15th December, 2017
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