West Somerset Railway

Class 09 no. D4017 (09019)

The British Rail Class 09 are a class of 26 0-6-0 diesel locomotive designed primarily for shunting and also short distance freight trips along branch lines. The original 26 locos are similar to the class 08 shunting locomotives, but have different gearing, giving a top speed of 27.5 mph at the expense of lower tractive effort.


The 26 locos are similar to the Class 08 shunting locomotives but have different gearing, giving a top speed of 27.5 mph at the expense of a lower tractive effort. They were introduced from 1959 to 1962 and latterly operated in the Southern Region of British Railways, although some of the class were originally allocated to depots in the Midlands and North before transferring south.

A further 12 locomotives were converted from Class 08 in 1992 and, following this and privatisation in 1997, the class has been distributed much further afield. A number have been preserved by Heritage Railways.

The example on the West Somerset Railway is numbered D4107 but was numbered 09019 when working for British Rail.

Current Status: Operational


Technical Specification

Type:   Diesel-electric

Engine: English Electric 6KT

Transmission: Diesel-Electric transmission with double reduction gearing.

Length: 29 ft 3 ins

Output: Engine: 350 hp

BR Power Rating: Type 1

Speed: 27.5 mph

Fuel Capacity: 668 imp. gal. (1400l)

Wheels: 0 – 6 - 0



Manufacturer: British Railways (Darlington Works)

BR Class: 09

Introduced 1959

Number Built 26 plus 12 conversions

Role: Shunter

The locomotive is privately owned, and is currently based at Bishop Lydeard.