West Somerset Railway
Ian Brodie

CLASS 35 "HYMEK" NO.D7017 & 7018

The 101 members of the "Hymek” Class were produced in Manchester by Beyer Peacock as a mixed traffic machine but they had not been in traffic for very long before the operating departments discovered that they could reach speeds of 90 m.p.h. on heavy expresses and match the schedules of the day. As with the "Warships” their comparatively light weight (one of the major advantages of hydraulic as distinct from electric transmission which was behind the Western Region decision to go for the idea) reduced their braking capacity but they were still employed on coal and other mineral hauls. The engine was one of the first to be acquired by the DEPG and the first main line diesel to be based on the WSR. Class mate D7018 is undergoing heavy long term overhaul at Williton and recently had its engine restarted for the first time since failing in traffic in 1996.