Murder Mystery Specials

Murder Mystery Event at West Somerset Railway
Event Summary
Duration: 3.5 hours
Location: Departing from Bishops Lydeard (boarding is from 18.45)
Booking: Advanced booking is highly recommended, as spaces are limited.
Accessibility: We are unable to accommodate mobility scooters and wheelchairs on these specials. If you have any accessibility requirements, please give us a call on 01643 704 996.
Dogs: Please note that dogs are not permitted for the Murder Mystery events

Calling all amateur sleuths!!

Do you see yourself as Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes? Well, the West Somerset Railway's Murder Mystery season is a must for all you amateur crime fighters!

As you go peacefully about your train journey, the actors will be staging a murderous tale for you to solve.

Apart from the dastardly doings, your steam train ride will also include fish and chips, plus a drink served at your seat on the outward journey. There will also be Styles ice cream served as you travel back to Bishops Lydeard.

The entertainment begins on the platform (Bishops Lydeard) promptly at 19:00. Boarding is from 18:45. Passengers should arrive in good time to find their seats and leave the train again for the first scene on the platform.

The dress code is 'smart casual' and we encourage you to enter the spirit of the event by dressing in appropriate period costume if you desire!

Please be aware due to the nature of the stock, we are unable to accommodate mobility scooters and wheelchairs on these specials. If you have any accessible requirements, please do give us a call on 01643 704 996. 

These evenings are not suitable for children.

Please note that no dogs are permitted on this service, with the exception of assistance dogs. Please advise us of this in advance when making your booking.

Dates & Times
Sat 27 Jul
Murder Mystery Special
19:00 Tickets Available
Fri 30 Aug
Murder Mystery Special
19:00 Tickets Available
Sat 21 Sep
Murder Mystery Special
19:00 Tickets Available
Sat 26 Oct
Murder Mystery Special
19:00 Tickets Available
Murder Mystery Adult £70.00

2024 Plots

It's 1929. Four random passengers take a trip on the railway. However, they may not be as random as they seem for a deadly secret, ties them together and one has just bought a return ticket for nothing. Has Betty Kuddant taken a fatal dare? Has Jockie Klubb ridden roughshod over the wrong person? Is Annette Kirton hiding something terrible? Or has Pastor Kidneys caught the wrong service? Luckily D.I. Bauls is on the same train and will assist you to make the right connection.


It’s 1959 and hiking season once again as the intrepid Hampton Hikers arrive in Thymely over Actin to catch the next train back after their exhausting trek. But someone is already at journey’s end for group stalwart Percy Veerance has been found dead and it looks as though the killer is amongst the other members! Has flighty Farah Weigh been a bit too close of late? Has intrepid leader Iona Kumpuss taken the wrong direction? Or has the seemingly timid Kendall Myntcayke bitten off far more than he can chew? Better get your boots on, as it's up to you to solve this hilarious murder mystery with the ever-present assistance of Detective Inspector Archie Bauls.


It’s 1949 and the Thymely over Actin village show is being held for the first time in a decade where there are accolades galore for the various winners. As the train pulls in packed with excited fayre-goers and judges, it appears that someone has their eye on a much bigger prize – murder! Special guest and head judge, Lady Rose Garden has been found dead in her private compartment. But who is the culprit? It’s known that 3 people have recently crossed paths with the victim so could it be one of them? Has keen baker, Charity Cayse suffered a soggy bottom? Is flower arranger Marion Hayste too keen to blossom? Or has champion vegetable grower, Hugh Mungus taken a leek too far? The case is afoot, and D.I. Archie Bauls is on hand to lead you to the ultimate prize – Best Detective! 


The War is over! Peace at last! But the celebrations must wait, as village busybody Evelyn Tentt has just been discovered murdered in the waiting room! Has the lovely Anna Dynn found her to be a constant headache? Has wounded soldier Eamonn Phyre had enough of her probing his war wound? Perhaps local dignitary Lady Wanda Aymlessly is not as dignified as she likes to make out. Whatever the reason, D.I Bauls will be assisting your efforts to uncover the truth. 


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Murder Mystery Adult
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