Manor Class 4-6-0 7828 - Odney Manor

Steam Locomotive 7828 Odney Manor

The "Manor" Class was designed by C.B. Collett for work on the lighter built main lines of the Great Western, such as the former Cambrian system in Mid Wales, and the first 20 emerged from Swindon Works in 1938. A further 10 were built by the Western Region, also at Swindon, in 1950 and 7828 was one of these.

The loco spent most of its 15 year B.R. career on the Cambrian. It then went to the Barry Yard before being purchased by Mr Ken Ryder and it moved to the WSR from the East Lancs Railway in the 1990’s. Mr Rtder subsequently sold it to the WSR and it is approaching the end of a heavy overhaul. 7828 was known throughout its mainline and earlier WSR career as "Odney Manor” but in 2011 was named "Norton Manor” in honour of the base of 40 Commando which is the neighbour of the line at Norton Fitzwarren. Just to confuse things the original plans for the class included extra locomotives and the never-built 7830 was due to be named "Norton Manor”.

There are two more "Manors” with WSR connections, both from the 1950 batch.

7820 "Dinmore Manor” was purchased by Dinmore Manor Locomotive Limited from the Gwili Railway. It was a regular performer on the line in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s before being withdrawn for overhaul which is now underway at Tyseley in Birmingham.

7821 "Ditcheat Manor” is owned by the West Somerset Railway Association but is not presently fit for service and is on display in STEAM Museum in Swindon.